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About the Founder

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Unlocking Insights, Igniting Change

For decades Jessy was obsessed with performance. She spent countless hours trying to be the best at everything. But the more she obsessed over performance the more her performance flatlined.  In this endless pursuit of perfection she stumbled upon a trading psychologist whose writing changed her perspective on growth. For the last 10 years, she's dedicated her brain to mastering the research & skills linked to sustainable progress and high performance-- resilience, self-talk, confidence -- and how leaders leverage those collectively to enhance their impact.


Jessy is force. She challenges her clients to explore new thinking patterns and innovative approaches to their work. Together she works with clients to align their actions with both values & outcomes. Yet, amidst this tenacity, Jessy creates this caring, connected & lighthearted (yes, lots of laughing) environment where you and your team can grow on your terms.


In a blend of practical experience and solid frameworks in team dynamics, leadership, and resilience Jessy is your go-to when helping organizations create the future leaders of their companies.


Jessy's education background includes: 

  • M.S. Learning & Organizational Change @ Northwestern University

    • Capstone Research Focused on Resilience & Self-Talk​

  • Organizational & Leadership Coaching Certification @ Northwestern University

  • Team Coaching Certification @ Brown University

  • Perceptive Communication Certification

  • RallyBright Resilient Team Certification

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Our Clients

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