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Leadership Coaching
Building The Next Generation of Leaders

When we strain a muscle or commit to getting in shape, it's second nature to book a massage or sign up for a gym membership. Surprisingly, when it comes to rebalancing our mental performance or aspiring for growth, there's often hesitation to invest our mental fortitude. But why hold back? Imagine approaching your mental fitness with the same dedication as a successful athlete who relies on a full team of experts to reach their potential.  Enter ZLN!

Leadership coaching offers a distinct opportunity to enhance your current performance by embarking on a journey that prioritizes well-being, reveals your strengths and hones essential leadership skills. It's about cultivating roots & perspective — lifting us from the weeds of day-to-day grind and propeling us into the treetops.

The essence lies in carrying out actions that align with your aspirations, and fuel progress toward your goals.  Let's retrain those mental muscles and unlock those 'aha' moments together


Prioritity Blueprint

Feeling overwhelmed by competing priorities for the next 6 months? Our 90-120 minute session is tailor-made for a focused discussion that pinpoints vital elements and actions for your success. Leave with a clear roadmap, prioritization plan, and enhanced daily productivity routines.


Leadership Coaching

Ready to be and position yourself as the best leader without sacrificing yourself to the process? 

Our leadership coaching is tailored for individuals navigating challenges such as

imposter syndrome, burnout, influencing & motivating, managing a challenging boss/stakeholder, leading a team, handling difficult team members & conflict, fostering a culture of psychological safety & feedback.



People Strategy Advisory 

Seeking a trusted sounding board that truly understands your needs and knows their stuff? Schedule a advisory sessions designed to guide you in transforming your organization's culture and aligning your people strategy with your business goals.

Image by Johannes Plenio

"Jessy gets to the heart of issues right away, and it’s up to the client to join her on the journey. Jessy provided compassionate solutions that inspired positive change and self-improvement."

Katie G, Career & Leadership Coaching

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