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Team Development
Doing More Together
With Less Friction
​Imagine a workplace where we embrace and leverage one another's unique skills, share accountability, and find joy in our collective successes.  In this vision, teams are the heartbeat of your organization. Focusing at the team level enriches employee experiences & promotes problem-solving.  That is why investing in teams is not nice to have in today's ever-evolving business landscape; it's the essential strategy that unlocks adaptability and organizational performance. Whether your team is virtual or hybrid, with my guidance, your team will learn how to tackle that next challenge. Okay, I've convinced you about the magic of teams, but how do you make it happen? 

Team Consulting & Coaching

Looking for a practical way to make your team's day-to-day better?

In the world of teamwork, diverse perspectives and communication styles often lead to confusion, taking up valuable time. In these situations, as a leader, you might find yourself managing the frustrations of teamwork rather than focusing on the actual work. Through team coaching, we tackle challenges like misunderstandings, unclear goals, and conflicting priorities, enabling your team to move past the dynamics' pains and concentrate on the work they love.

How do we unleash your team's potential?

  • It's about uncovering what truly matters to them 

  • It's about transparent (and often uncomfortable) dialogue

  • It's about building a foundation based on individual ability to thrive so that the team can reach its goal

  • It's about making sure all of this is easily incorporated into the team's daily routines and decisions

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Team Offsites 

Looking to kickstart & tackle your pressing opportunities head-on? 


I'm not just a facilitator; I specialize in crafting powerful, impactful experiences. I believe the true success of our offsite lies in the actions that follow. Therefore, I focus on setting the foundation for our work style, seamlessly integrating it into our everyday tasks to sustain your team's momentum.

It's not just about achieving results; it's about leaving with memories that propel your team into its next, exciting phase.

So, let's cut through the low-priority noise & fluff (well, maybe a little fluff) and dive into those high-impact initiatives.


…Oh, and I can't forget that occasional sarcastic banter comes with the experience.

Team Assessments

RallyBright Platform

As I certified practitioner of the RallyBright Platform together we track team performance & resilience while monitoring key trends related to organizational strengths, vulnerabilities and opportunities.

Perceptive Communication

Based on research by the American Psychological Association, effective communication forms the bedrock of psychologically healthy and successful workplace dynamics, particularly within teams. In today's global work landscape, adaptability to diverse communication styles is paramount.


Developed by Richard V. Farace, Ph.D., Richard Carlson, and Robert A. Cooke, Ph.D., the Perceptive Communication assessment serves to:

  • Gather comprehensive feedback from both self-assessment and external perspectives on communication styles, adaptability, and competence.

  • Illuminate disparities and similarities between personal and others' perceptions, laying the groundwork for heightened awareness and growth.

  • Offer actionable insights through four distinct reports, charting a clear path for improving communication effectiveness.

"Great ideation on a practical new-team forming exercise that helped us understand each other's user-interface better. Practical and also great for bonding. Gave me a direct challenge on making sure I was taking the time to do it well. Great coaching."

Team Offsite

VP, Transformation

“Solid framework for surfacing some underlying team dynamics opportunities and overall strategic direction”

 Team Offsite


“From my perspective, our team dynamics has vastly improved since we met! Dealing with the backchanneling was the most difficult for me, and I feel like this has greatly reduced.  People are respecting each others designated roles and areas of expertise, and questioning the person directly if needed.”

Team Coaching

Manager, Workplace Experiences

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